Want to Unlock the Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef? - Zen Beach Retreat

Want to Unlock the Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef?

Best Kept Reef Secrets

One thing we all love is a secret. Discovering something new that very few people know about and then the opportunity to share this little secret.

A personal surprise that when you share excitedly with others - you don't get a 'yes, i have been there before or I know all about that', but a real surprise where you get a 'Wow, that sounds fascinating, tell me more'.

A secret so cool that it really is not just a national secret but an international secret and one you can proudly share with the world. I'd like to tell you about my secret...in fact I have got 10 of them to share, they are all in the same secret destination and together are an amazing, unrivalled, secret experience for you! They are that good....

We all know the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the largest living thing on Earth - so thats no secret.  We have all heard of places like Cairns, the Whitsundays, Port Douglas - none of them are a secret, everyone has been there. To be a real secret you need to be truly unique, a discovery and worth sharing with your friends....you can even share your whole secret ZEN experience.

Picture this secret : You and your partner or friends lazing away in the Great Barrier Reef, ​relaxing in a tropical paradise, enjoying weather thats awesome all year round, constant sunshine and surrounded by nature everywhere. Sounds good doesn't it...but it's not all - great beaches, clean crisp air, starry nights, no pollution, no crowds, no traffic, safe environment and access to a wide range of secrets so diverse and so fun, that you want to do them all. Where has this secret been hiding?

Well we wanted to help you unlock 'The Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef' and provide you with a diverse range of experiences for you to share with your friends? To help do that and test the uniqueness and quality of each secret, we have personally road tested them for you to help you unlock your own secrets! Here's what we found:

Explore the great experiences you can share together and remember forever.

It's closer than you think!

Go on check them out I'll wait for you...

The 1st Best Kept Secret is that it's much more accessible than you think.

No need to fly for hours to the northern part of Australia - you can do it in under an hour from Brisbane!! How cools that? If you don't like flying, then no problem - the Southern Great Barrier Reef is only a short 4.5 hour drive from Brisbane and not the monster 22 hours driving it takes to get to Cairns. Its on your backdoor step, easy to get to and the experiences there are unbelievable! 

The Best Kept Secret Beach Retreat on the Great Barrier Reef is ZEN Beach Retreat and it's a wonderful modern,  luxurious, beachfront relaxation centre in one of the best parts of the world. Combine your visit of any of the amazing best kept secrets with your stay right here at ZEN.

  • Lady Musgrave Experience
  • Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort
  • Bundaberg Rum Blend Your Own Experience
  • Mon Repos Turtle Encounters
  • Bargara Brewing Customised Experience
  • Bundy Food Tours - visiting the best farm produce on offer in the region​
  • Elite Surf Coaching with Enviro-Reef Surf & SUP School
  • Elite Golf Coaching at the Bargara Golf Club

ZEN Beach Retreat is located on absolute beachfront on the Great Barrier Reef, you are spoilt for choice and how absolutely unique you can make your relaxing holiday experience! Multiple relaxation zones that overlook the beach and ocean, a plethora restful zones where you and your friends can reminisce and celebrate make ZEN an easy choice four your next break. 

ZEN has flexible accommodation options for 2 guests up to 22 guests over its 5 residences. The four professionally decorated and themed villas provide the perfect luxury haven for couples or families with each villa accommodating up to 4 guests.  The villas can be hired individually or combined together, depending on dates, ZEN is flexible to meet your needs. The main residence is available for up to 6-8 guests during the popular school holiday period. Equally the complete ZEN Beach Retreat can be hired for 22 guests and is an excellent venue for large groups to get together and enjoy special time together.  You have a number of options available to you to ensure the most memorable holiday.

Whether you are winding down in the Relaxarium spa, basking poolside or in the magnesium pool and spa, enjoying the tranquility of the ZEN gardens and fountains, or spending time together under the spacious Bali Hut - there are many luxurious and comfortable options, you really are spoilt for choice.

The ZEN Beach Retreat executive main residence has an extraordinary 150m2 open plan upper level overlooking the beach and Pacific ocean. Professionally decorated throughout, everywhere you turn in ZEN is a new discovery of art or quality furnishings....almost a hidden secret in every corner waiting to be discovered!

ZEN's four villas - Oriental, Asian, French and the Executive Suite are all professionally decorated with a vast array of artistic and authentic pieces on display in your villa. Fully appointed throughout with modern kitchens, modern bathroom, high quality bedding, dining/lounge area, each villa is an unique discovery and relaxation zone in itself. ​Surrounded by comfort, elegance and style. 

ZEN is licenced and partners with the innovative and expanding Bargara Brewery to bring you a wide range of very popular craft brewhouse beers and ciders or a selection of Australian and French wines.

ZEN Beach Retreat has a vast array of sporting and beach equipment available. In addition to the beach, the magnesium pool, the spacious gardens and unique holiday experiences it has selected social sports on site as well. With a billiard table, table tennis table, darts and board games ZEN has everything you need for a memorable and relaxing holiday!!

ZEN Beach Retreat is a 100% smoke and stress free retreat - where your relaxation, health and enjoyment is the number one priority. ZEN Beach Retreat is your unique premium luxury holiday destination and can be available exclusively and privately as a whole retreat or the professionally decorated ZEN Villas individually hired for your use.

All of the unique Great Barrier Reef secrets can be done in conjunction with your luxurious stay at ZEN Beach Retreat. Reach out to ZEN Beach Retreat to see just how unique we can make your holiday for you!

The Best Kept Secret Beach Retreat and Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef!! I even bet you will be thinking about coming back for another relaxing holiday or any other special event you are planning, your time at ZEN will be that good!!

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