Unique Corporate Beach Retreat Venue in Queensland

Beachfront Corporate Retreats

Unforgettable, Cutting Edge, Tomorrow Corporate Retreat Experience.

Designing the right corporate retreat for your team is a more critical decision today than it ever has been.

With major distractions available everyday, that time away with your team needs to be focused, impactful and deliver on what you need to achieve.

As we see in marketing, particularly with the increasing level of technical disruption, if you continue to adopt yesterday’s strategies and approaches then you get yesterdays results.


The same challenge exists when holding your corporate retreat – doing the same thing you have always done, doesn’t change anything – you need to be bold, be unforgettable, be cutting edge and tomorrow focused.

Take your team to new horizons and new places - well beyond a boring capital city.


At ZEN we work with you to meticulously design and deliver an unforgettable, cutting edge, tomorrow corporate retreat for your team.

We can combine the Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef to make it even more unforgettable!


Unforgettable – the program, the venue, the location on the Great Barrier Reef and what your team experiences will deliver an outcome that will be remembered for years to come.


Cutting edge – combining your specific needs with internationally proven program elements, corporate wellness activities and a knockout natural environment, will have you armed with the latest game-changing tools available.


Tomorrow – we specialise in galvanising the team and driving a shared vision for team success. 

We work with you on every element of your retreat via a 15 point checklist.


ZEN’s 15 imperatives for a Tomorrow Corporate Retreat Checklist:

  1. Objective
  2. Energy
  3. Topics
  4. Nature
  5. Location
  6. Travel
  7. Experiences
  8. Edge
  9. Style
  10. Wellness
  11. Distractions
  12. Mix
  13. Team
  14. Space
  15. Discipline
  • 150m2 conference room overlooking the Beach & Pacific Ocean
  • Four immaculately presented villas – drawing team together
  • Direct beach access with beach sports equipment
  • Amazing climate with clean air, stunning sunrises & starry nights
  • Flexible timing for meetings, meals and evening activities.
  • Flexible dining options & variety
  • Exclusive access to ‘The Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Modern, brand new, custom built facility
  • Easily accessible from all capital cities and many regional locations
Cutting edge
  • International tools and techniques to extract maximum participation and creativity
  • Fully customisable program to stretch teams
  • Exclusive & Private retreat use – no need to remove documents every night
  • Private outdoor dining / bar area to continue confidentiality into the evening
  • Corporate wellness programs for team or individual
  • Customised retreat using the 15 point Tomorrow Corporate Retreat Checklist
  • Directed Team Visioning & Common Purpose activities and outcomes.
  • Creativity at the forefront of activities to broaden thinking
  • Strengths Based Activities and coaching to harvest the teams talent
  • Team Synchronicity and alignment

At ZEN we know that if you keep doing the same thing, you get the same results – that’s not us – we will introduce you to a whole new dimension, meticulously designing and delivering an unforgettable, cutting edge, tomorrow retreat for your team..

At ZEN Beach Retreat, you can expect something completely different and expect amazing results!!

Treat Your Team to the Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef!