ZEN Relaxation - Absolute Beachfront, Southern Great Barrier Reef

ZEN Relaxation

ZEN's Sky Lounge - Beachfront Relaxation

Pure relaxation as you elevate yourself above the Beach and Pacific, taking in the plentiful sunshine and waves.

So close to nature, she is your best friend as your lounge away the day in the most soothing of relaxation zones.

Nature opens up to you constantly sharing its gifts of beauty rich and rare - the perfect ZEN time.


ZEN's Sky Deck - Panoramic Relaxation

Be ready for a full panorama of the beach and ocean as you enjoy a bright morning breakfast, shaded lunch or late afternoon refreshment.

Befriend the local kookaburras or parakeets in the coconut trees.

Whale watch from the comfort of your relaxation lounge.

Spot an impromptu dolphin show or the marine bird life searching for their next meal.

 There is always something to absorb in this natural paradise.


Words cannot fully describe the emotions you feel as you lounge away on this picturesque, private open space.

Soaking up the wonders of nature. 

On a moonlit or starlit night there is almost no better relaxation place to be.

Close your eyes and drift away with the waves and sea breezes, the memories are just spectacular and last forever.


ZEN's Magnesium Pool/Spa - Soothing Relaxation

A real discovery with the powers of magnesium bathing.

Custom built for ZEN we maximise the swimming distance and bathing relaxation.

We introduce spa intensity and a therapeutic experience suitable for all ages.


Direct sunlight is for short period in the afternoon sun so you can relax and soak up the rays. 

The pool is temperature adjustable on solar power to provide swimming comfort all year round.


ZEN's Tranquility Gardens - Tropical Relaxation

A source of pride at ZEN with fountains trickling away in the background, surrounded by tropical gardens and a beach walkway.

With all shades of tropical green the breeze flows through the area creating a soothing fan effect and is the perfect haven in the summer heat or winter months.


ZEN's Relaxarium Spa

Your own hidden secret at ZEN is the Relaxarium Spa.

Be pampered in a super aromatic, coloured therapeutical relaxation zone.

 Enjoy the luxury of a 55 jet intense hydrotherapy spa.

Surround yourself with tropical indoor plants and enjoy a personal massage.

 No one comes out of the Relaxarium spa the same as they arrived - pure relaxation.


ZEN's Bali Hut - Outdoor Relaxation

The spacious Bali Hut always remains 5-10 degrees cooler in summer.

The Bali Hut lights up as your own ZEN Milky Way.

Candles or lights can combine to provide the most serene, relaxing location at night.

 Surround yourself with the tropical gardens and beautiful blue hues of the magnesium pool.

The giant buddha fountains and Myanmar day bed provide the perfect ZEN touches to this serene environment.


ZENtertainment Relaxation

Entertainment options abound throughout with a dart board, board games, chess and a raft of beach games in bocce, quoits, outdoor chess, pool table all being added for your ZENtertainment.

Our aim is to provide as much family and friend fun as possible.

As part of our 100% stress free retreat, we unlimited high speed broadband WiFi access throughout the retreat so you can keep in touch with the world and share the ZEN experience with your friends at ZEN.

ZENSports Relaxation

In the perfect outdoor sport location we provide a host of outdoor sports options for guests.

Beach volleyball, Beach Cricket, Surf boards, SUP boards, kayaks, bicycles, scooters, boogies boards...just ask, enjoy your free time on the beach.