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ZEN’s idyllic natural setting provides a mix of spa experiences and wellness.

 Endless ocean views, mesmerising sunrises, a real nature therapy in itself!


We combine the Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef with a welcoming and inspired wellness journey.

 Rejuvenate your senses, spirit and strengths.


Find your ZEN Time in a Spa Experience with one the signature journeys or interact with our team of internationally trained practitioners.

Every feature of your wellness menu is designed to nourish the beauty within.


 From the heated  magnesium pool, the overlooking view of the the tropical garden soothe your senses.

 Either you decide to exercise, relax in the jacuzzi spa or simply enjoying a glass of champagne in the refreshing magnesium pool.


Here, everything is dedicated to relaxation.

 The ocean views from the deck overlooking the beach.

The outdoor jacuzzi facing the tropical garden.

 The sky lounge solarium.

 The natural setting hydrotherapy spa & massage room.

All are simply sublime.


 A team of experts including therapists, a nutritionist, and health and sports trainers define the personalised treatments and protocols in accordance with each person’s characteristics.


Relaxarium Spa & Treatments at ZEN

A true temple of serenity, our Relaxarium Spa opens the doors of pleasure and beauty for our staying guests.

Natural surroundings, soft lighting, relaxing music, herbal teas…the ceremony at the Relaxarium is not to be improvised.


Drift to the heights of well-being and relaxation with a selection of marine & local herbs treatments performed by a team of dedicated beauticians and practitioners.


Facials and body treatments designed especially for you with exclusive treatment protocols.

Feel free to review the Spa Experiences and Wellness Services on Offer at ZEN.


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