Oriental Flair Villa - ZEN Beach Retreat

Oriental Flair Villa

Oriental Flair = Colour

The brilliant curtain designs exude Oriental Flair & African influence, radiating with the sun. 

Tapestries adorn the walls of oriental homes, enjoy our hand picked Moroccan favourite. 

Oranges, turquoise, greens & reds bounce off the teal blue, adding flair to your stay. 


Turkish lanterns from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul create a soothing ambience. Uniqueness prevails with oriental items like the Afghanistan camel water balloons and a Zambian chess supplemented by a fully equipped dartboard. Your den of rest, play and solace.


The Sunburst orange main bedroom exudes an uplifting vibrance in the morning sun or provides a relaxing background hue with the block out blind. Resplendent with ornate oriental wall hangings and Afghan side table you expect oriental music to appear anytime.


The main bedroom views the sea, pool, bali hut and magnificent morning sunrises, all supplemented by a fully appointed, modern, clean bathroom.

Your courtyard entrance is the most direct path to the beach - less than 50 steps to the sand.