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Ocean Wellness Signatures

Quintessential Wellness Journeys

Your Ocean Wellness Signatures direct your attention to subtleties, connect with your inner voice, leading you into a wholeness - listening to the ground, listening to your body, our brain, your heart, your mind, your soul, your senses, feeling the vibrancy and sound of the Ocean.


Well-being is at the heart of the ZEN Ocean Wellness Signature Experiences.

Innovative, intensely relaxing and deeply holistic they create a relaxing atmosphere from the very first Ocean Immersion Phase


 Ocean Wellness Signature 1

Feel the Magic of the Sea!


Well-being is at the heart of the ZEN  face and body treatments.

Innovative, intensely relaxing and deeply holistic, they create a relaxing atmosphere from the very first Marine Immersion Phase.

This complete care approach continues with relaxing massages featured in all of the treatments.

The “Feel the Magic of the sea “ experience, including a facial, body massage and body wrap providing the sensation of “letting go” for a prolonged sensory experience.


Played on a musical background orchestrated by expert hands for 60 minutes and in twelve stages, the body is led to feel the unleashing of storms, the sea air on the path of the foreshore, the coolness of the waves, the indigenous symbols.

An unique sensory experience that prefigures the wonders of the underworld in the Great Barrier Reef and sensational rain forests of our largest sand island Fraser.

Be mesmerised by your senses!


Ocean Wellness Signature 2

Sea & Detox - Feel Your Best Yet!


'My detoxification becomes a hollowing of the soul,
An empty vessel left listlessly on the wave,
Floating in an ocean of being,
I lie close to the shore;
it is the wave that throws itself
against the rocks.
I am the rock..'


Reach a blissful state of purity, reconnect to harmony with self and others.

Your detox journey is the time for introspection and the releasing emotional imbalances and blockages that may be obstacles in your wellbeing journey.

In sync with tide rhythms, the body’s detoxification process is encouraged and the elimination toxins and fluids allows for a deeper purification.


The signature experience starts with a cleansing drink of Lemon Myrtle iced tea to absorb toxins and stimulate the bowels function, giving place to the inner detoxification process followed by a mint ocean salt exfoliation cocooned with a marine wrap.

The seaweed preparation, applied to the entire body, make you feel totally immersed in a warm cocoon, as you let it go and relax, the wrap purifies your skin and rids it of the toxins, boosts blood and lymphatic circulation ensuring rehydration and remineralisation of your body.


As we move to the next marine immersion treatment , the smell of the sea, strangely enough only becomes purer, it takes you on an even greater power of relaxation. 

Specific foot and body pressure points are massaged with lava stones to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Warm stimulating  poultices are placed on your abdomen followed by a gentle drainage massage using cooling oil.

Regained balance and lightness. Your body is purified and regenerated. Feel your best! 


Ocean Wellness Signature 3

Breathe in Inspiration!


“Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment” Thich Nhat Hanh.

Embraced by the lush green of the tropical garden, ZEN Beach Retreat rest on the shores of the ocean with volcanic rocks. A peaceful haven immersed in the peace and beauty of nature, we welcome you to the ENERGY BALANCE signature treatment.


Lay back, close your eyes and let your senses lead you to this sensory experience.

  As you  took a deep breath in, a familiar scent fill your nose : slightly sulphury, with just a pinch of green, and a briny finish.

It is the smell of the seashore.

Experience the sound of the waves generated by the wind as it blows across the sea surface.

Waves energy is transferred from the wind to the waves to your breath. 


Following your journey with a fully body exfoliation blended with lemon myrtle and rosemary to increase and boost memory, Flow into a relax state-yet strong energy with a warm coconut wrap to soften the skin.

Soothing scalp and face pressure point massages are performed as you luxuriate in the wrap.

The ultimate ZEN massage, using virgin macadamia oil infused with therapeutic eucalyptus oil balances the muscles, realigns the body and restore the energy flow.


The sensory journey culminates with the healing resonance of the volcano stones placed on your body, inviting your energy centres back to their natural state of vibration.

In the background, a deep and soft music to engage your sensory and physical body just as much as the emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies .


The Quintessential Ocean journey direct your attention to subtleties, connect your inner voice which will lead you into wholeness, listening to the ground, listening to your body, our brain, your heart, your mind, your soul, your senses, listening to the culture of the Earth, listening to the Earth.

An absolute experience to feel centred yet connected , fine-tune your body and mind!

Blowing in the wind,

Smells of salt; a hazy mist,

Sands of time run through sands so fine,

Damp with the tide that crashed like a fist,

The sun on the horizon starts to fade. It's time to delve in your wellness journey. .