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Birthday Party Ideas

A 60th birthday is a magical time to celebrate with family and friends or surprise that special person in your lives. You have achieved so much in life and have so much to look forward to - its a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by your family and their families, it's a great time to reflect and celebrate.

Whether your 60th birthday is just round the corner or are you looking for a unique 60th birthday party location or idea for a friend, the choice you make on how you celebrate together is important. A memorable party that gets everyone together, reminisces and celebrates. A party thats in a unique location, provides an option for families to be together for a few days, a party that you and your families remember forever.....but where can you find such a place??

Stuck for unique idea as everything you can think of has been done before or you can't find a location that will take up to six families that need to come together....does that sound familiar??

Personally I have been in this 'stuck' position before, looking for unique birthday party ideas and kept drawing blanks, trying to find a venue that could hold up to 5-6 families - so I spent some time researching options. Recently, I discovered some great solutions for several families and they might just be the perfect answer for you too.

Why not bring your friends and family together in one location for a real celebration and magical time together, thats so much more than just a one night party. A great time to re-connect and have quality time together.

You may want to try this....

You, your family and friends lazing away in a natural wonder of the world, ​relaxing in a tropical paradise, enjoying weather thats awesome all year round, constant sunshine and surrounded by nature everywhere. Sounds great doesn't it...but there's more - great beaches, clean crisp air, starry nights, no pollution, no crowds, no traffic, safe environment,  unique birthday party ideas, so diverse and so fun, that you wish you could do them all and a venue that can hold up to 5-6 families. So, where has this secret been hiding?

Let me help you unlock 'The Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef' and provide you with several unique 60th birthday party ideas? To do that and help you see the uniqueness and quality of each secret, I road tested them perosnally to help you find your own unique 60th birthday party idea and venue! Here's what I found:

Explore the great experiences you can share together and remember forever.

It's closer than you think!

Go on check them out I'll wait for you...

The Best Kept Secret Beach Retreat on the Great Barrier Reef is ZEN Beach Retreat and it's a wonderful custom built venue for your Unique 60th birthday party thats available on an exclusive and private basis?

Located on absolute beachfront on the Great Barrier Reef, you are spoilt for choice and how absolutely unique you can make your 60th birthday party! Multiple relaxation zones that overlook the beach and ocean, several restful zones where you, families and friends can reminisce and celebrate make ZEN an easy choice and base for your exclusive and private special event.

It accommodates up to 22 guests, easily 5-6 families over its 5 residences and is an excellent venue for groups to get together and celebrate that special occasion, your unique 60th birthday party with friends and families. Wind down in the Relaxarium, bask in the magnesium pool and spa, enjoy the tranquility of the ZEN gardens and fountains, spend time together under the spacious Bali Hut - there are many luxury and comfort options, you are spoilt for choice.

ZEN Beach Retreat has great space for a party outdoors in the gardens or indoors with a 150m2 open plan room overlooking the beach and ocean. Kitted out with full audio-visual facilities its a great venue to get together and have a unique 60th birthday party . Spacious, modern, fully appointed domestic kitchen for catering, seating throughout the retreat easily allows for your most memorable occasion yet. ZEN will be a licensed venue and partner with the innovative and expanding Bargara Brewery & Bundaberg Rum to bring you a wide range of popular craft and brewhouse beers and the worlds best rums.

Kids are more than welcome at ZEN Beach Retreat, with loads of sporting and beach equipment available, the beach, pool and spacious facility the kids wont get bored and will enjoy 60th birthday celebrations as much as you do! A billiard table, table tennis table, darts, board games ZEN has everything....but no TV's to ensure everyone is engaged socially with each other!!

ZEN Beach Retreat is a 100% smoke and stress free retreat - where your relaxation, health and enjoyment is the number one priority. ZEN Beach Retreat is your unique 60th Birthday Party Idea that your and your family and friends will remember forever.  It's available exclusively and privately. All of these unique 60th birthday party ideas can be done in conjunction with your stay at ZEN Beach Retreat. Reach out to ZEN Beach Retreat to see just how unique they can make your 60th birthday for you and your families!

​Short of flying into space with Virgin Galactic - I have provided here for you the most Unique 60th Birthday party ideas I could come up with....there is something to suit all tastes...all of them individually spectacular...all of them easy to get to...and all of them will create the 60th birthday party that you, your families and friends will never forget!!

The Best Kept Secret Beach Retreat and Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef are something you will remember forever!!

I even bet you will be thinking about coming back for your 70th or 80th birthday party or any other special event you are planning, your time at ZEN will be that good!!

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