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Shane & Pascaline Emms

We wanted to create a unique environment to help individuals through challenges in modern life & relax in an amazing location.

In early 2013, we set out to find a perfect beachfront location to live and establish a new business after more than 40 years combined corporate and global experience.

Pascaline was extensively training in integrated health, focusing on corporate and personal wellness and Shane wanted to apply his broad business and team leadership experience to support like minded tomorrow leaders.

At the time, we were living in Vietnam and we found the perfect beachfront location in Queensland, Australia. Climate, lifestyle and opportunity all blended into one as we stood on the beach in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

With direct beach access, an unbelievably inspiring location we found a tired holiday resort in need of renovation.We visualised ZEN Beach Retreat with its panoramic views and open plan designs overlooking the beach.We could see exclusive, private and personalised retreats with a mix of outdoor dining, entertainment and meeting options for guests.

We could feel the stunning natural environment, the beach, the energy of the sea, the starry nights, the wildlife, the colours and just the spectacular relaxing location this would be for corporate retreats, wellness retreats and special events.

ZEN Beach Retreat was born on that day in 2013. Fast forward to 2017 and ZEN is setting new standards.

We are unlocking 'The Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef​' engaging with like minded partners in the Southern Great Barrier Reef to bring globally unique experiences to the modern, investigative traveller and retreat participants. They come to life in our corporate retreat, wellness retreat and special events experiences.

Corporate clients seeking an unforgettable, exclusive and private corporate retreat in an unique location and venue are reaching out to design their own cutting edge personalised tomorrow corporate retreat experience for their team.

Individuals are looking to ZEN Beach Retreat for professional, integrated wellness programs that support people seeking a healthy lifestyle or recovering from cancer and chronic disease suffering.

Exclusive and private retreat for your family / group getaway on absolute beachfront. Perfect for special events, family reunions, birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Seeking a exclusive, private & personalised retreat experience then look no further than ZEN Beach Retreat.​

Are you tired of holding your corporate retreat in city hotels and need something unforgettable, cutting edge for your team?

Are you frustrated when after your corporate retreat the outcome is not as visionary or ground breaking as you hoped and the team are not fully aligned?

Together lets meticulously design and deliver an unforgettable, cutting edge, tomorrow corporate retreat for you and your team. Let's do it in an exclusive, private location in an idyllic natural environment on the Great Barrier Reef. One that will inspire your team, expand their thinking and be the one they will always remember.

Together we can customise and design your whole corporate retreat to meet absolutely your needs and objectives, not anyone else's, and create the visionary change that you seek.

As a high energy individual, with many years corporate experience in leading teams, extracting the best out of them and coaching for success, this is my passion, I love doing it and I want to help you achieve success with your team!

​Windowless corporate rooms, city locations, lack of fresh air and open spaces, lack of diversity in meeting design are just so yesterday's way of holding a corporate retreat. They are easily forgotten. Together lets build and execute your unforgettable, cutting edge, tomorrow corporate retreat right here on the Great Barrier Reef!

ZEN Beach Retreat - 'The Best Kept Secret on the Great Barrier Reef' was custom built to expand a team's horizon and deliver outcomes we normally only dream of. Immersed in nature, in an absolute beachfront location on the Great Barrier Reef, together we can combine the best nature has to offer, with an amazing venue, with professional expertise and tailor your retreat program to transform your team.

Inspired by international programs that are focused on creativity, innovation, team strengths and synchronicity we can build an unforgettable, cutting edge tomorrow retreat for your team. It's what I enjoy the most and enjoy helping others excel in this space as well. 

Beyond prior work experience, a Brain Based Coaching Certificate from the NeuroLeadership Institute and Accelerated Strengths Based Coaching Certificate from Gallup add value to each tomorrow retreat program. 

"My aim is to make your retreat experience like no other, a completely unforgettable, cutting edge, tomorrow retreat that transforms your future direction."

Pascaline Emms

Pascaline Emms

Pascaline is always full of energy and ideas to create the best possible experience for ZEN Beach Retreat guests. Having started her career in corporate life, after a lot of success in French and global roles, she chose to change direction and successfully raise her family.

Seeking more balance in her personal life she started to explore the many avenues of interior design and integrated health practices. Pascaline started to incorporate both disciplines in developing solutions for improving an individuals personal balance & wellbeing. Practicing in Asia and Europe, she received wide positive acclaim from clients.

Now an experienced Integrative Health Coach Pascaline works with multiple energy medicines and psychological levels in targeted programs to support individuals:

  • Health Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing
  • Acupressure & Tapping
  • Chromatherapy and Chromopuncture
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Acupuncture Diploma in Vietnam

As an integrated health practitioner, Pascaline helps individuals to define and implement their health and well being choices on any of the Physical, Emotional and Psychological levels. At ZEN she also extrapolates her broad individual learnings into a team environment.

Pascaline who is natively French, has broadly travelled, studied and worked alongside experts in many locations including United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Vietnam, United States and now Australia with her targeted focus on the health and wellbeing of body, mind and emotions for individuals.

Her unique set of skills and expertise in interior design and integrative health have been instrumental in developing the ZEN Beach Retreat. Her personal touch in design is evident throughout the Main residence, Villas and Gardens throughout.

Pascaline uses her skills to maximum effect when it comes to designing some amazing team activities at ZEN – many of which will be very unique to guests staying at ZEN and can be incorporated as part of their overall Retreat experience.

She looks forward to exploring many new avenues of well being with you at ZEN Beach Retreat.

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