Wellness Retreat for Cancer

Through supportive care and lifestyle education retreats, ZEN Beach Retreat seeks to inspire and nourish the wellness of people affected by cancer. Our compassionate, encouraging presenters and practitioners will motivate you to reach a new level of wellness. We provide science & evidence-based therapies that complement your cancer treatment to enhance your wellbeing. With a multidisciplinary approach and a powerful mind-body connection drive, our mission is to share practical life-changing tools, techniques and lifestyle practices for a daily life with more vitality & purpose.

Values and Ethics at ZEN Beach Retreat.

First and foremost ZEN Beach Retreat refers to a values based wellness approach.

At ZEN Beach Retreat, the “humanistic “ wellness concept is our core. A caring relationship between guests and wellness practitioners is our priority. Our team of dedicated practitioners will allow a supportive and encouraging partnership to make you feel more empowered and engage in your wellness and recovery plan. We do prescribe compassion, beneficence, concern, gentleness, careful communication, patience and fidelity to duty. All of these values are part of the value-based ethics of ZEN.

We have a preference for the least invasive and most natural therapies and we will provide support to you whenever you are following a conventional treatment or recovering your health and wellbeing. The team at ZEN support you to regain your wellness and vitality.

Our retreats are tailored to men ,women, kids and their caregivers affected by cancer independent of their wellbeing state.

ZEN's Wellness Retreats for Cancer are tailored to those who are living with cancer and are seeking a less stressful recovery and an improved return of energy and vitality.

Focusing on diet, gentle exercise, relaxation, self awareness and complementary therapies the retreat helps you in many ways.

  • to detoxify and control potential sides effects of medical treatments
  • enhance wellbeing
  • improve immune system function
  • Learn new ways to potentially reduce risk of cancer recurrence

Typically our retreats will include guest speakers and a variety of hands on classes such as:

  • Tai chi
  • Gentle exercise in the Magnesium Pool
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Ayruveda
  • Holisitic Health and Mental strength training
  • Beauty session
  • Tailored Massage
  • Hydrotherapy when suitable
  • Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness
  • Integrative Nutrition 

To support this objective we engage with highly professionals and trained therapists.

Caregivers and family of cancer patients can also benefit from many of our retreat activities.

As part of our mission at ZEN, we seek via sponsorship and fundraising to increase our accessibility to a broader range of the community to our Wellness Retreat for cancer activities. We work with not for profit organisations to identify community members most in need and seek incorporate them within our retreat programs.