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Great Barrier Reef Secret - Lady Musgrave Island

Don't let the media stories mislead you - The Great Barrier Reef still has pristine, unspoilt reef - none better than Lady Musgrave Island.  As the only navigable coral cay lagoon on the Reef you are guaranteed the most amazing reef experience. 

Spectacular lagoon, crisp, clear, transparent waters, rainbows of coloured corals, abundant tropical fish and marine life with all the shades of brilliant blues and turquoise colours to fill your day. Get ready to be completely blown away.

The Great 8 are everywhere - Turtles, Whales, Clownfish, Corals, Giant Clams, Manta Rays,  Maori Wrasse & Sharks.

At ZEN we combine with the team at Lady Musgrave Experience to create your most amazing 'Beach and Reef' Experience. You will never experience the Great Barrier Reef like this as you will discover the Reef's Best Kept Secret. We tailor your journey to your needs and level of adventure.

    • Pristine, unspoilt Great Barrier Reef     Discover the most amazing lagoon on the reef
    • Private Glass bottom boat reef tours
    • Snorkel or dive private locations
    • Stay on the reef - 'Beach & Reef' packages

Great Barrier Reef Secret - Lady Elliot Island

Sir David Attenborough has named it as one of the most beautiful places on the planet - we know why!

Your magical reef adventure starts by swimming with the turtles in the main lagoon for one of the most serene moments in life ever. Snorkelling the amazing reefs that makes up Lady Elliot Island is just awe inspiring with the Great 8 just waiting for you. Manta Rays, Whales, Turtles, Coral, Clownfish, Giant Clams, Maori Wrasse & Sharks in abundance.

Discover the environmental project which is Lady Elliot Island, highly impressive to learn and discover. Take time out and laze away on the coral beach soaking up the sun, we create your personalised and private visit to Lady Elliot Island.

A wonderfully unique place to immerse yourself in nature and forget modern life. Your ZEN Beach Retreat ' Beach and Reef' experience with Lady Elliot Island has more than forever memories.

    • Access all year round for pristine, unspoilt reef
    • Snorkel the coral reefs - be part of the great 8
    • Discover turtles and marine wildlife like never before
    • Absorb the natural beauty of Lady Elliot the way you want to during your private, tailored experience

Great Barrier Reef Secret - Mon Repos Turtles*

At the largest turtle hatchery on the east coast mainland of Australia. Between November and March each year, hundreds of mother turtles arrive at Mon Repos to lay a clutch or several clutches of eggs (turtle nests) and the clutches hatch.

Watching this happen is nothing short of amazing, the determination, the nest selection and the start of another future life really grips and captivates your imagination at the start of the season.

Eight weeks later, the little baby turtles hatch from their nest, dig to the surface and head for the sea to start their own life journey. You will find yourself cheering the little guys on as they race to the sea, you will even get the chance to guide them. It really is a tremendous experience.

  • Australia’s biggest turtle hatchery on the east coast mainland
  • Watch the mothers lay their nests
  • Watch the baby turtles hatch
  • Guide the turtles to the sea
  • *Dependent on Season and Mother Nature

Book in early to be in the first groups of the night, but even if you are 1st, what time you go out still depends on when turtles arrive or hatch...it can take some time as we rely on mother nature.


Bargara Golf Experience

Have you pictured yourself walking out of the front door of your villa and directly onto an 18 hole championship golf course?

Have your own professional coach video and computer assess your swing and then play a round of golf with you and your friends to sharpen all of your game together! What a secret and unique experience that is.

Play the beautiful ​18 holes seaside golf course of Bargara with high quality golf equipment and motorised buggies with a packed gourmet lunch and golf pack provided.

After the game take it easy back at ZEN Beach Retreat with a personal massage and Relaxarium spa. Finish the day off with a Bargara Brewing Thirsty Turtle or Bundy Rum Small Batch on the Sky Lounge overlooking the beach and Pacific Ocean.

Golf will never be the same again!

Bundaberg Rum - Blend Your Own Rum Experience

If you have a view in your mind of Australia’s iconic Bundaberg Rum, be ready to have that perception completely changed at the world’s first blend your own rum experience.

You learn the art of tasting and blending the word famous rum. Then you make your own blend from a combination of five different matured rums.

Pour your own rum directly from the barrel, cap it, label it and make 2 bottles of your very own personalised rum. One to enjoy now and one to keep....what's even more amazing is at a later date if you need more, you can order the same blend you made and have it directly shipped to your home.

How cool is that for an unique experience or memorable gift?​

  • Guided tour of our world famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery.
  • Take part in The Blend Your Own Experience. 
  • Guests walk away with many memories and 2 personalised bottles of your own rum.
  • Share with your friends and encourage them to Blend Their Own!
  • If you run out of your personalised blend, order a replacement and have it shipped home

Create Your Own Craft Beer Brewmasters Experience

Creating your very own craft beer at the Bargara Brewing Brewhouse. Enter into the boutique brewery furnished with an eclectic mix of upcycled decor with your creative hat on and let’s go to work!! Join the Brewmasters Tour and taste some of the many designer brews on offer at the Brewhouse.

It could be a Thirsty Turtle or a Rusty Roo, a Drunk Fish or even a Phat Heffa - there's at least 20 to choose from all made from clean rainwater with their ​own unique individual taste.

Your challenge is to choose which of the magnificent craft beers you will you make your own signature beer?

  • ​Tour the Brewhouse, discover beer making!
  • Taste the options.
  • Select your own preferred brew.
  • Create your own unique name.
  • Create your own label.
  • Have it shipped home in the quantity you want!

Bargara Brewing is the home of a new Australian first, 100% Gluten Free - SMASH Pilsener, your toughest task will be which brew you choose as your signature brew!

The Bundy Food Tour Experience 

​There is nothing more eye opening and expressive than the passion you see in farmers eyes as they present the uniqueness of the food they produce to you! The stories, the care and the energy are all easy to absorb.

Tantalise your taste-buds with the freshest fruit, nut and vegetable growing area in Australia, where producers share their unique story and share extraordinary meal preparation options with their creations.

Everyone loves this tour, the vibrancy of the host, the high quality of the produce and the passion the farmers express.​

  • Fantastic day out where you can visit on farm and taste all the foods fresh.
  • The local region is renowned as a food basket for Australia on many fruits, nuts and vegetables – we are the capital of Macadamias.
  • *Experience can be seasonally dependent

After you have made your selection head back to ZEN Beach Retreat and let an amazing chef prepare your sumptuous gourmet meal with the fresh produce right in front of you.

Enviro-Reef Paddle andSurf School

Want to surf and paddle board on the Great Barrier Reef and want to do it without the concern of crocodiles and stingers that are in the north. Well the beautiful warm, safe beaches of Bargara & Elliott Heads are just for you.

With one of the most beautiful climates in Australia to surf, stand up paddle board or kayak out on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Enviro Reefs Paddle & Surf, help you make the most of your surfing or stand up paddle-boarding experience.

It’s a locally owned and operated surf school and SUP school that offers inspirational surfing lessons and SUP lessons for every skill level.

  • From novice through to the most experienced surfer or paddler looking to improve their skills, you will have an unforgettable experience.
  • All equipment is supplied including boards, and wetsuits if needed.

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